Shipbuilding in Panamá

In the Panama maritime sector, the Naval Industry has had little boom, despite the incentives by the National Government with laws for naval financing, which has impacted the professionals graduated from Panamanian Universities in Naval Construction Engineering careers and Ship Repair, who once graduated are forced to perform work other than their academic preparation due to the low availability of jobs in the local naval industry, many seek to try their luck in neighboring countries, with greater advancement in this important industry.

This reality is contrasted in a country that in 2018 accumulated a total of 12,199 transits of Merchant Ships through the Panama Canal (according to official data of the Panama Canal Authority), which in turn represents almost 6% of the World Trade, in this sense, the importance of this issue could be considered a determining factor to improve the indexes related to the national economy, sources of employment, technical improvement and specialized labor.

Under this approach, we understand that the well-known World Maritime Trade has as its main structure, Merchant Ships, ships that when passing through the Panama Canal, require launching and provisioning services (auxiliary naval industry), it is here that we highlight a Company dedicated to the Shipbuilding of vessels of this type (PILOT AND CREW BOAT), that is, Commercial Boats to meet any requirement by these Ships, its name is T&S Shipbuilding, starting operations in 2010 and since then developing successfully All Commercial Boat construction projects up to 150 UAB (always meeting the client’s requirements), where two (02) Crew Boat (models CB1526 and CB1320) stand out, one (01) Multipurpose Boat (model PB1112) and one (01 ) Landing Craft (model LC1604), Fishing Boats (model FBG4504), currently in final phase one (01) Hydrographic Boat, the first of its kind built In Panama; also standing out for repair, maintenance, structural modifications and remotorization of boats and buoys, on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, with specialized naval welding services, repair and installation of marine engines and transmissions, sand & water blasting (abrasive vegetable, white corundum, brown corundum, ceramic shot, plastic shot, spherical and angular steel shot, stainless steel shot, glass microspheres, aluminum silicate), helmet paint, underwater cleaning of helmet and propellers, electromechanics, repair and winding of electric generators.

T&S Shipbuilding with 10 years of existence, has maintained an excellent mystique and commitment in each of the works executed, thus demonstrating its constancy, dedication and social responsibility allowing young professionals of the Maritime University of Panama to fulfill internships in their facilities, practicing “ in hot ” his theoretical preparation, contributing to successfully complete his Academic training, this Company trusts and bets on national talent, in his payroll he has Panamanians graduated from this important Maritime University.

And an element to highlight, in the naval technical evolution that has defined this company, is its effective internal quality management system, with indicators adjusted to the technological innovations of the moment, supervised by leading Naval Engineers, always focused on the requirements of the client, keeping safety as a priority, so that all their work is guaranteed, elements that have allowed consolidation within the sector, as one of the few companies engaged in shipbuilding, with export capacity, leaving the name Made in Panama very high.