Naval Construction

Amazing would be the right word to call the crew & pilot boats built by T&S Shipbuilding with are used in the world of maritime services within the port sector, servicing ships or transporting personnel and equipment to off-shore platforms

T&S Ship Building transforms the amazing in the use of a vessel according to your needs and required  services under a clear ecological vision fulfilling all the requirements and adhering to the standards of International Maritime Safety, always thinking on the safety of the crew and passengers aboard.


Our quality is based on our customers, suppliers and human resources; we seek continuous improvement in our company through the development of our Construction, Operations and Maintenance processes. Our goal is the total satisfaction of our customers, generating competitive service under the most rigorous standards.

About Us

T&S SHIPBUILDING, INC. is a company based in Panama with high sense of responsibility and knowledge in shipbuilding. Our main activity is ship building up to 150 TM, equipment and appliances, making other tasks such as boats & vessels repair and manufacture of certain equipment or items for boats. 

Your boat will be built by our experts adapting it to your business needs in record time. T&S Ship Building have hulls technologically designed to allow the vessels further displacement and buoyancy which translates into stability and fuel cost savings. 

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